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Good Morning, Podcasters! is a 3x weekly show hosted by Fuzz Martin. The show focuses on marketing, advertising, public relations, and social media topics, and how podcasters can use those topics to promote their shows. The show was founded by Tanner Campbell in 2020—first as Podcasting Sucks! Fuzz Martin and Jeff Townsend purchased the rights to Good Morning, Podcasters! and Podcasting Sucks! in October 2022. Bonus episodes of Podcasting Sucks! are published in the Good Morning, Podcasters! feed on Saturday mornings. Insert Your Text Here...

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Fuzz Martin

Fuzz Martin

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About Fuzz Martin

Fuzz Martin is a partner and the Chief Strategy Officer at EPIC Creative near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. In his role, he oversees client strategy and business development, public relations, social media, media buying and planning, and account management.

Prior to joining EPIC Creative, Fuzz was a radio personality, program director, music director and commercial producer. He spent 11 years at 92.5 WBWI-FM (now WMBZ) and prior to that he worked for 104.5 WSLD-FM.

Fuzz is also active with a number of local nonprofits, including the Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial & Education Center in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, and the Volunteer Center of Washington County. 

In addition to Good Morning, Podcasters, he is also the host of Fifteen Minutes with Fuzz and a co-host on the Tech Tools for Teachers podcast.


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