Organizing Your Podcast
Good Morning Podcasters!January 07, 2023
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Organizing Your Podcast

Good morning, Podcasters! It's Saturday morning. This episode was supposed to come out on Friday, but I have been suffering from the flu most of this week, and you'll hear that in this episode.

Today, we're talking about tools for organizing your podcast.

There are a number of things you need to keep track of as a podcaster:

  • Guests
  • Episodes
  • Show notes
  • Scripts
  • Research material
  • Branding and marketing material
  • To-dos
  • Audio files
  • Sponsors
  • So many things

Luckily, there are a number of tools that you can use to keep things neatly organized.

Tools for Organizing Podcasts

Here are just a few of the many different apps available to organize your podcast. Some have free tiers. Some are paid.

  • Asana
  • Trello
  • SmartSheet
  • Basecamp

What do I use?

I'm a Trello zealot. I use Trello for work at EPIC Creative. I use it to organize my daily to-dos. I rely on it to keep track of projects around the house. My employees have joked that I would use it to keep track of my kids if I could.

Why Trello?

Trello is a kanban-style board that allows you to drag and drop digital "note cards" into columns. You get to choose what those columns are called. Here's what I call my columns:

  1. Incoming - any new to-dos or ideas start here and I sort them later
  2. This Week's Episodes - the three episodes I'm going to drop this week
  3. Next Week - a tentative list of next week's episodes
  4. Topics - a brain dump of all possible show topics, loosely sorted from top to bottom
  5. Social Posts - a reminder of what social posts I need to make each episode
  6. Done - my "done" episodes or tasks column
  7. Resources - branding and marketing files
  8. Parking Lot - ideas that aren't quite ready to be worked on yet
  9. Sponsors - all of my sponsor information

I also like Trello because it has a good labeling system and their labels are colorblind friendly. The labels I use are:

  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • General Podcasting
  • Podcasting Sucks
  • Sponsored
  • DONE
  • Show Stuff

These help me see at a glance what the card is about. It also helps me visually make sure that I have good mix of content types in my three weekly episodes.

There are a ton of different ways to stay organized—you need to go with the way that works best for you—but if you don't know where to start, hopefully this episode has given you some ideas.

Thanks for listening!

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