Is Spoutible a Viable Twitter Alternative?
Good Morning Podcasters!February 20, 2023
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Is Spoutible a Viable Twitter Alternative?

I absolutely love trying new social media platforms. When Bot Sentinel's new social media platform, Spoutible, became available to the public, I signed up as soon as I could.

For those who have used Twitter, Spoutible has a very familiar interface:

  • Tweets = Spouts
  • Retweets = Echoes
  • Quote Tweets = Quote Spouts
  • Likes = Likes

Spouts are limited to 300 characters, but your are able to edit your Spouts for up to 7 minutes after they've been, uh, Spouted. You can only edit a Spout once.

Unlike Twitter, there is no algorithm. Everything is currently chronological. Only "Echoing" a Spout will make it seen by others that aren't currently following you. Also, since it is run by Bot Sentinel, each Spout has a bot score. So far, I've only seen "Normal 0%" on posts.

At the moment, Spoutible lacks the ability to create Lists, upload videos, and there is currently no mobile app—but they're working on it.

Will Spoutible be a viable alternative to Twitter? Time will only tell. But for now, I'm having fun in the social media platform du jour.

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