Improv'ing Your Podcast
Good Morning Podcasters!January 18, 2023
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Improv'ing Your Podcast

Improv'ing Your Podcast

Good morning, Podcasters! Being able to think on your feet and react quickly to your guests, co-hosts, or hosts of shows you're guesting on is an important life skill. On today's episode, Scott Covelli, an agency content director and member of the Fish Sticks Comedy improv troupe, joins me to talk about the important skills that improv can lend to your show.

Scott talks about:

  • How he got started
  • The basic tenets of improv
  • What it's like performing on stage
  • The skills that improv will bring to your show
  • and how you can get started

I've posted some links below to the different improv programs discussed on this episode. I studied The Second City online comedy writing program sessions 1-4. Though you probably couldn't tell by reading the above.