Facebook Pages or Facebook Groups? Which is Better for Your Podcast?
Good Morning Podcasters!January 25, 2023
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Facebook Pages or Facebook Groups? Which is Better for Your Podcast?

Good morning, podcaster! Today we explore what is best for promoting your podcast in 2023. Should you have a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group?

Facebook Pages

A Facebook Page (aka a "Brand Page") acts kind of like your personal profile page on Facebook. You can use it for putting content like Reels, photos, other videos, and text updates to the world. It's public and open. Anyone can view it. And any interaction with the page comes by way of comments, likes, or messages.

You can get in front of your audience through those organic (unpaid) posts as well as through sponsoring posts or "boosting" posts—but I recommend sticking with sponsoring instead of boosting. Note: Organic brand page posts have not performed as well as personal pages as of late, so your reach may be difficult without any paid efforts.

That said, you need a Facebook Page in order to buy Facebook Ads. You can advertise in a bunch of different ways, including driving traffic to your website, using ads to increase your follower count, driving newsletter subscriptions, OR getting people to join your Facebook Group.

Facebook Groups

Groups are a sort of community within Facebook. You—or people from your show—act as moderators for the page. You can have an open Group that anyone can join, or a closed Group where people have to fill out information and you approve their membership.

You set the rules for your Group. It's a great place to interact with listeners, promote episodes, and really skirt the algorithm challenges that Brand Pages face.

Managing a Facebook Group can be a bit daunting in that you need to be active and respond to your listeners - but you also need to police posts and sometimes drop the ban hammer down on those getting out of line.

Why Not Both?

To get the most juice out of your Facebook experience in 2023, I would recommend both a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group, with your goal to be to drive people from the Page to the Group so that they see more posts and can closely interact with your show. Don't neglect either, but you likely won't have to put a ton of work into your Facebook Page.

In the end, it's about being authentic and creating a community for your listeners that grows brand affinity and loyalty to your show.