(Even) More Changes Coming to Twitter
Good Morning Podcasters!January 16, 2023
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(Even) More Changes Coming to Twitter

(Even) More Changes Coming to Twitter

It seems you can't send a Tweet these days without Elon Musk changing something with the Twitter platform. A lot of the changes aren't things that most users are looking for, but it's his house, he can arrange it how he'd like.

So what's new?

Twitter's Version of 'For You'

Next time you hop on Twitter, take a look and you'll see that there are now two tabs at the top of your Twitter feed. On the left is "For You." On the right is "Following." Does that seem familiar? That's because it's exactly what TikTok has.

Now With More Characters

"Back in my day...", Old Man Fuzz remarked. Remember when Twitter had 140 characters? And then we got 280 characters and threads. Well, now Twitter is going to be giving us a whole 4,000 characters to play with. They're also going to give us the ability to make text bold, italic, or underlined.

Cybersquatting 2023

Finally, Twitter is going to be putting 1.5 billion dormant usernames back on the market. The word on the street (via the New York Times, below) is that they are going to put highly sought-after names up for auction.

How Do These Changes Affect Marketing Your Podcast?

The 4,000 character limit will allow you to create longer posts, but you'll need to make sure that you are still creating top notch content. Also, the bold/italic/underline formatting will likely make your tweets stand out for a hot minute until everyone catches on. Use those features like salt. And finally, if there's a Twitter handle that you've had your eye on, it might be available to you soon. Nobody's sure what they're going to cost or when it's going to take place, but if that's something that is important for your show, business, or brand, this might be your chance.