Cookie, Cookie, Cookie Starts with See-Ya!
Good Morning Podcasters!February 22, 2023
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Cookie, Cookie, Cookie Starts with See-Ya!

Man, I've been waiting to use this title for a long, long time!

What are Third-Party Cookies?

Third-party cookies have been a vital tool for advertisers and websites for years. These cookies are used to track users, gather data, and help advertisers provide more targeted ads to the right people. However, many consumers feel that data tracking is an invasion of privacy, and the increasing trend towards data privacy has led to the sunsetting of third-party cookies.

What's Happening?

In 2024, Google plans to eliminate third-party cookies on Google Chrome, the world's most popular browser, with a 68% market share. This move will make it harder for advertisers to get their ads in front of the right audience and almost impossible to retarget users. First-party cookies, on the other hand, will not be affected. These cookies are set by the website that the visitor is on and include preferences such as dark mode and shopping carts.

How Will It Impact Marketers?

This change will have a significant impact on advertisers and marketers, as there will be a new focus on gathering as much first-party data as possible. The emphasis will be on email newsletters and other data-gathering promotions, and creating useful, authentic content that people will want to interact with and share.

Large websites with massive datasets will still benefit from first-party cookies. For example, Facebook has a lot of first-party data because people provide them with every bit of information about who they are and what they like. This means that advertising on the platform will still be an easy way to reach people. However, it won't be possible to retarget people who visited your website on Facebook.

This is going to be a significant change that will impact the world of online advertising and marketing. However, it also provides an opportunity for you to focus on gathering more first-party data and creating authentic, useful content that people will want to interact with and share.