Exploring Advertising Strategies for Your Podcast
Good Morning Podcasters!January 11, 2023
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Exploring Advertising Strategies for Your Podcast

Different types of ads do different types of things. Today, we explore the differences between awareness-type ads and intent-type ads (sometimes called consideration ads).

Awareness vs. Intent Advertising

While there can certainly be a gray area between the two, awareness ads are designed to make an audience familiar with a brand, product, service, show, etc.

Intent-based advertising is designed to get people who are already familiar with a brand, product, service, show, etc. to take an intended action.

Examples of Awareness vs. Intent

Let's use the auto industry as a familiar example. Let's say Jeep launches a new vehicle that nobody has ever seen before. They promote the launch of this vehicle with:

  • TV ads
  • Radio spots
  • YouTube pre-roll videos
  • Billboards
  • Broad-based banner ads on websites

Those are all examples of awareness-based ads. They're ads designed to warm up an audience and make them familiar with that new product.

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Now let's say they start running:

  • Google Search ads
  • Dealer ads for where you can buy this new Jeep
  • Emails to existing Jeep customers
  • Direct-mail encouraging customers to take a test drive

These are all examples of intent-based ads, since the potential customer is likely already familiar and past the education phase of a campaign.

How does this relate to podcasting?

There are a few ways these examples relate to podcasting. If you are advertising your show to a broad audience through promo swaps, banner ads, YouTube preroll ads, etc., in order to make that audience aware of your show for the first time, that would be awareness advertising.

If you were advertising specifically searching for your niche of show, let's say I advertised Good Morning Podcasters to those who searched for "how to market your podcast," that would be an example of an intent-based ad.

Start with a goal

When determining what mix of what kinds of ads you should be running, you should always start with your goal. Who do I want to reach? Those who already know about my show or those who have not yet heard of my show?

Then use advertising platforms that will be most likely to achieve those goals. You'll also want to develop ad creative—whether that's a promo swap, banner ad, video, etc.—that is most likely to connect with the audience you're targeting.

When you step back, set goals, and then work to reach those goals, you'll spend less money and get better results.

Stuck? Just ask.

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