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Good Morning, Podcasters is a thrice-weekly show for podcasters hosted by Fuzz Martin. The show is geared towards those who want to learn about marketing, social media, and public relations as they related to content creation. The show also dives into some light news and opinion as it comes to the industry of podcasting.

Podcasting Sucks! is a Saturday morning show hosted by Jeff Townsend and Fuzz Martin. It takes a cathartic look at some of the more difficult aspects of podcasting. 

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Fuzz Martin

After 15 years in broadcasting, Fuzz left the industry for advertising. He’s now the Chief Strategy Officer at EPIC Creative in West Bend, Wis., where he and his team focus on marketing, social media, and public relations.

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Jeff Townsend

Jeff has been podcasting for 15+ years and has been a part of nearly 20 different podcast productions. He is the Director of Indianapolis News Media WISH TV's All Indiana Podcast Network. He dedicates time to help other content creators.

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